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TruthOn2 is a non-profit political action group of radical, free-thinking librarians dedicated to the preservation of civil liberties, reference materials, and the truth. They have a strong commitment to uncovering, protecting, and cataloguing the truth for future generations, and they will fight anyone who tries to block the free flow of information. They believe that the internets should be a free source of widely circulating information, and that all Americans have a right to check out the truthiness online, for free, without interference from government censorship or greedy corporate interests.

Not much is known about them, as they are very secretive. It is widely believed that they spend their days passing as mousy, repressed, "typical librarian" types in order to shield their secret identities as sexy, anarchist, ass-kicking defenders of truthiness by night. Some people, on both ends of the political spectrum, think they are a little crazy. doesn't care; they helped us get back online after Viacom shut us down on April 1, 2007.

Thank you, "Cataloguers in Action"!

Mary Livingston Memorial BookshelfEdit

The Ladies of Truth[1] has dedicated a special shelf at the Headquarters[2] in honor of the archivist whose testimony before Congress revealed that President Richard Nixon had improperly backdated papers that he donated and for which he received a $450,000 tax break.

Ms. Livingston worked in the Office of Presidential Libraries at the National Archives for 30 years[3].

The Ladies of Truth based their special shelf on Stephen Colbert's Shelves of Honor.

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  1. An association of retired librarians and librarians emeritus
  2. Whose location must remain a secret for the protection of our members
  3. She also pole danced on the weekends in a small town outside the beltway known primarily for its many strip clubs, used auto parts dealers, and toxic waste run-off ditches.
has its own Satanic tube of the internets.

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