Tri-polar Bears

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ACHTUNG! Tri-polar Bears
needs "special treatment" to be
cleansed of its Untergrammatik

BEARsqu   Bears   BEARsqu
Ursa  | Winnie The Pooh  | Yogi Bear  | Colbear  | Smokey The Bear
Polar bears  | Pizzly  | Polar Grizzly  | Koala  | Panda Bear  | Bats
Vampbear  | BearSharks  | Bipolar Bear  | Care Bears  | Roller bear
Bear baiting  | Bear is driving  | Bearism  | Great Bear Incident  | The Left Wing Madness

"Here you go. don't get yourself killed."

these are the last words uttered by the delirious test subject, right before he was torn into many very tiny shreds. what was he testing, you ask? nothing. he was creating the tripolar bear. the man was so sick he actually thought the bears were holy, and some kind of god. or something.

and unto the world he unleashed the tri-polar bears. if you see one, run. if they see you, then... your screwed. good luck out there. your going to need it. unless the council of doom happens to see you, which they probably will. they are always there, to save the inocent. so, unless your not innocent... the council of doom: we got your back.

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