History Edit

  • *trebuchets or Giant Wooden Penises originated in the Middle Ages. The word "trebuchet" is *french for "overthrow". This word was used by the french to describe the mechanism's ability to dominate them physically and emotionally through its menacing resemblance to the penis they do not have.
  • Of course, the GWP was used for the siege of fortresses throughout *europe and, as a result, was the tool responsible for the slaughter of tens of thousands of frenchies. Despite the lack of a penis, the french developed a method of reproduction that involves the cross-pollination of various cheeses and bodily secretions from the females.

Little Known Fact Edit

  • A similar mechanism of war, the catapult never reached the level of popularity that the GWP achieved. This is due largely to the fact that the catapult lacks a counterweight, reminiscent of a huge set of balls. This is further proof that, in warfare, whoever has the biggest balls wins.

*Notes Edit

  • Truthiness prevents the capitalization of the following: 1) Any words that are not American 2) Any country that is not America. 3) Any people that are not American. 4) Any genus of bear.

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