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What is Treason?Edit

Converting Eurotech into Ameritech is treason.

Buying an F-16 to symbolize the Belgian Air Force is treason.

What is not Treason?Edit

Well, I think ordering Chinese food is tasty.

Crimes That Are TreasonousEdit

  • Failure to kill a head of state who converted Euros into Obamabucks
  • Using taxpayers money for an upskirt minicam
  • Xeroxing the upskirt minicam
  • Xeroxing Euros owned by a real entrepreneur and converting it into Obamabuck$
  • Covering up the link between Obamabuck$ and upskirt minicams

What Happens After Someone Becomes Treasonous?Edit

People Who Are Guilty of TreasonEdit

Blacklisted "Americans" who are guilty of treason:

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