Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Trailer Queen

Bring something deep fried and you might get an audience with the Queen

Many of those unwordy types would use the term Trailer Queen to refer to a classic automobile, usually of the muscular persuasion, which has never burnt rubber or any other viscious material during it's entire service life. On many occasions these automobiles have been restored from less than servicable condition. While not widely considered the best route toward restoration these cars have mostly been restored using parts from the same model automobile. Those intrepid restoration fanatics who demand a more evocotive appearance for their cars consider the practice of scrap restoration to be an endeavor only engaged in by "homosexors" and are therefore bound by their American honor to only buy newly minted parts for their rides. This practice drives up the collective price for automotive parts leaving those scrapped 60's prom queens lying dorment in an atmosphere of their own inedible and poisonous dust. It has been widely reported that while sitting inside of these cars, a person can look up and see a hole through the ceiling, revealing spider webs and at times, cockroach corpses.

Trailer Queen in a Modern Parlance Edit

  • A queen who, instead of stockpiling trailers for her country's disaster victims, builds what are called by suspect foreign types "levies".
  • A New Orleans Cross-Dresser who resides in a FEMA trailer.
  • Helen Mirren between takes on the set of The Queen.

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