Tourist Attraction
can be found in any all-American hometown!

A tourist attraction is a place so unique that people from near and far flock to see it. The earliest tourist attractions were sites known for their connection to Our Lord and Savior, or at least his graven image. Modern tourist attractions are associated with a notorious crime or some opportunity to commit a crime.

What's The Attraction?Edit

People who have lives don't quite understand what the attraction is to tourist attractions, but they probably spend their time reading about places instead of flocking to them.

For those healthy, God-fearing people, a tourist attraction is like an interactive circus trial with shopping.

Biblical Tourist AttractionsEdit

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The first tourist attraction was the Garden of Eden. The Garden contained many features for the whole family, including the Tree of Knowledge where the talking snake lived.

Other God-related attractions in the time before America, were:

  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • the hill where Jesus was crucified
  • Mary Magdelen's House of Ill Repute

Non-American Tourist AttractionsEdit

  • the Colbert Forest, France

American Tourist AttractionsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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