Baby Jesus
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!

The torah is the five books of America. This is the most important document to all of Judaism.

Book 1 Creation: How God created the Universe (How evolution is evil) This is the book in which God created everything. This includes how God created America.

Book 2 The Book of Exodus. This is when the Jews fled the evil pharoh in Egypt (not Babylon) to America. They flew across the Red Sea on the wings of Eagles.

Book 3 The book of Leviticus. This is mostly a bunch of laws. Most importantly in this book it talks about how masturbation is a worse crime than prostitution. In Leviticus just like in America, masturbation is punishible by death.

Book 4 The book of Numbers. Stephen needs a book to count.

Book 5 The book of Deuteronomy. Moses kills the wicked among his people with a bear.

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