Tony was a young bartender at The Copacabana, a hot spot north of Havana.

He and his girl, Lola, were both employees of the Copa. She was an aspiring dancer, and he worked the bar most nights from eight o'clock PM to four in the morning. The long nights working together led to the inevitable, the two young people fell in love. They couldn't ask for more.

One night, a notorious thug named Rico entered the Copacabana. Sporting a flashy diamond, Rico attempted to put the moves on Lola. Tony leapt over the bar to defend his girl's honor. He objected strenuously to Rico's advances, and a punch was thrown.

In the following fight, some of the Copa's chairs were smashed and both men were bloodied.

Things took an ugly turn when a handgun was introduced to the melee. From there the story gets hazy. A shot was fired, but the outcome is still disputed:

Was Tony shot and killed? Did Tony shoot Rico and end up serving a life sentence in a maximum-security prison?

A group of researchers have opposed these possibities and have suggested an alternate sequence of events, referred to as The Single Gunshot Theory.

Whatever happened, the result was that Lola lost her love.

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