Tom Wolfe
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


Tom, undergoing The Electric Kool-Aid Nailing Test

Tom Wolfe is an author and journalist. He is credited with begatting "new journalism". He is known for wearing white suits.

He will now be better known for getting nailed, after his appearance on The Colbert Report on April 26, 2007.



created new journalism

GAY TALESE: author of Frank Sinatra Has A Cold


trial of Luigi The Fish

narrative flow to journalism telling a story

mixing novel and journalism

techniques of novel or short story

journalists shouldnt be limited

sc does new new journalism

wolfe claims there is some kind of obligation

viewers want entertainment, not facts


for wall street types

hedge fund managers compare themselves to pirates

pirates are admirable figures

peter pan and pirates of penzance

tw is a cap't hook fan

hedge fund managers are like tinker belle, must believe and clap your hands

to invest in a hedge fund you really have to believe in that hedge fund

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