Tom Sawyer
is a satanic lullaby
and one of the Baby Satan's favorites

American Eagle Flagsmall
Stephen from Knox
Tom Sawyer
is a "Red State Anthem"
that plays in Heaven and Texas--Hallelujah!!!

Tom Sawyer is a song recorded by the Canadian prog-rock band Rush. Despite their reputation for liberalism and thinking, Tom Sawyer is their most famous and truthy song. It's chock full of Colbert references: "A modern day warrior / Mean mean stride / Today's Tom Sawyer / Mean, mean, pride." Here's another: "Today's Tom Sawyer / He gets high on you / In the space he invades / He gets by on you." Even this line: "No his mind is not for rent / To any god or government." That's right. Dr. Colbert doesn't rent. It's a sale or no deal.

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