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Stephen from Knox
Tom Davis
has been interviewed for The Colbert Report's


Congressman Davis addresses the 2004 Federal Procurement Conference.


Is it any wonder that Eleanor Holmes Norton can't help legislating with him?

Tom Davis (R) represents the 11th district, the Fightin' 11th of Virginia and is on the committee that is investigating the liberals unfunding of America's military.

Walter Reed HearingsEdit

Mr. Davis was able to get some very good questions in when Henry Waxman wasn't reading the phone book in his boring monotone.

Mr. Davis asked a panel if they agreed with his pre-questioning, non-think tank-influenced assessment that certain departments were not speaking to each other. The panel members agreed that the best solution for the mismanagement of Walter Reed Medical Center and privatization of the military would be to give a contract for telecommunications to a satellite-based corporation with ties to the right party.

And that procurement decisions need no investigation.

Relationship with Eleanor Holmes NortonEdit

Reports of "Eleanor and Tom sitting in a tree" have been flooding in from the congressional page breakroom. You know what people do when they sit in trees together, don't you?


Tom is one of the It-Getters.

He was interviewed for part 46 of the 435 434 part series, Better Know A District.

Even though Representative Davis is a Doobie Brothers fan, he has no idea what a doobie is.

Has had harsh words for The Greatest President Ever's troop surge in Iraq.

Works with Eleanor Holmes Norton on her attempts to get her district, which is not a part of the United States, the right to vote.

Davis keeps a portrait of The Greatest Dead President ever, Ronald Reagan, in his Capitol Hill office.


On the GOP

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~ Tom Davis

On Bush.

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~ Tom Davis

Tom Davis
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 11th" district of the state of Virginia

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