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Not surprisingly, the world's biggest toilet is found in France.


Some toilets come with a ready supply of goldfish for you to use

A Toilet is a device used to dispose of all the naughtiness and evil from the human body. God-fearing American's only use toilets whenever they feel necessary. However, drunks often spend hours gazing lovingly into toilets, probably looking for their dignity or upper intestines.

"You're a naughty child and that's concentrated evil coming out of you."

-Family Guy


Used at many businesses

Toilet Throne

The Throne, an ideal place for to do your business in/at.


  • Stephen Colbert is so God-fearing and patriotic that he to uses the toilet. (Even though he never has to.)
  • Toilets lead straight down to Hell, which is filled with murderers, liberals, rapists, and dead goldfish.

Also Known AsEdit

  • Throne
  • Pisser
  • Shitter
  • The Great White Telephone (to God when you're drunk and puking)
  • Terlet
  • The Oval Office
  • Goldfish Grave
  • Sweet Relief
  • The Outhouse (even if it isn't an actual outhouse.)
  • Disgusting (Public rest room)
  • Where you throw the "floaties" from the bath tub.
  • What children (and sometimes adults) are SUPPOSED to aim for.
  • Where you could live, provided you had a TV and an unlimited supply (mostly beer, but I suppose food is nice too) in the mini fridge next to you.
  • The John
  • The Bathroom (YES the WHOLE bathroom)
  • The Aquarium (even if there are no fish)
  • The King's Dominion (not the theme park)
Portable Toilet

I love technology

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