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Todd Rundgren is one of contemporary music's most under-appreciated geniuses. He is an eclectic and eccentric musician highly respected among songwriters, as well as a famed singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist-producer-videoographer-software programmer. In 2006 and 2007 Todd Rundgren toured with "the New Cars", which is an altered version of the 80's pop rock icons the Cars. It is rumored that Dr. Colbert is a closet Rundgren fan.

Chicks Rundgren has nailed:

  • Bebe Buell
  • Mrs. Christine
  • Michele Gray
  • Karen Darvin

Tr74 small

Todd actually makes a pretty hot girl.

The Cars were fronted by Colbertnation official rockstar Ric Ocasek. The Cars broke up in 1988. Founding guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist Greg Hawkes sought to reunite the band around 2004. They reportedly asked Ric if he wanted to be a part of it and he said no, so they moved on to other musicians to fill the role. They recruited musical whiz-kid Todd Rundgren as lead singer, as well as some musicians he has worked with in the past - Utopia's Kasim Sulton and the Tubes' Prairie Prince. When Ocasek appeared on the Colbert Report, he helped Stephen do the "Threat-down" segment of the show, in which he stated Todd Rundgren should be put on notice along with Bears. This led to the joke conflict between Colbert and Rundgren, and rumors of conflict between Ocasek and Rundgren. In reality, the "New Cars" had Ric's blessing and he has no conflict with Todd.

Todd is currently on an extended series of tours in the United States, Canada and Japan with a four piece band (Todd, Jesse Gress, Kasim Sultan or occasionally Tony Levin, and Prairie Prince). Anyone with the sense and about 30 bucks can go and see the master at work, and will be left wondering why Stephen has the Wizard on notice.

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