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Tinklenberged (verbish)

  1. to cause donations for your political opponent to skyrocket as a result of your own stupid, hateful or extreme ideology.
  2. to benefit financially from your political opponent's willful and public stupidity

Example: Michele got Tinklenberged the minute her October 17, 2008 appearance on Hardball was over

Origin: Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann suggested that a McCarthyite investigation into the anti-American activities of the liberals in Congress be conducted. Specifically naming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as well as Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama and his running mate Delaware Senator Joe Biden.

Once a video clip showing her comments went viral, donations for Bachmann's opponent in the upcoming election, Elwyn Tinklenberg, soared. Within hours Tinklenberg received thousands of dollars from online contributors incensed by Bachmann's outrageous proposal. By the next day, Tinklenberg was able to raise nearly $500,000.

Unfortunately due to the demographic in Bachmann's district she was re-elected.

Synonyms: The Tinklenberg Effect, fail, Tinklenbwned, Tinklenbergwned

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