Tina Brown
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

August 8, 2007 NailingEdit


Glamour Images Of Dr. Colbert's Interview With Ms. BrownEdit

wrote a book about Princess Diana that fits on a commemorative plate

she has an injured left wrist

do not adjust your set, Dr. Colbert showed he too can do classy interviews like Barbara Walters

Diana put her tiara on one diamond at a time

Diana was all things to all people

Tina Brown's article in Vanity Fair exposing the troubled marriage, and shaped the British Monarchy

Ms. Brown looks like Diana, Charles and David Beckham

to Americans all British people look alike

where is the Camilla book?


you might be able to read the book, even in soft focus

October 15, 2008 NailingEdit

  • editor of The New Yorker magazine and Vanity Fair, she came on to tell younger members of Dr. Colbert's audience what magazines were
  • The Mob got an extra taste
  • where one goes to get a quick speedy read
  • illiterate people are his target audience
  • it feels like going to a great cocktail party
    • you've been invited
    • you might go home with one of the people from the party
  • the name of a newspaper from a novel The Scoop
    • but Dr. Colbert doesn't need to be told about Evelyn Waugh (chick or dude?)
  • her website also breaks up conservative families
    • Christopher Buckley endorsed Obama on her site, his father's magazine, new republic fired him
  • she may be cursed
  • she celebrates Christmas by firing people
  • she pilfers
  • she described it and it sounds exactly like Fark

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