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Tim Pawlenty
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Tim Pawlenty is the governor of Minnesota.

During his tenure as governor, Minnesota has witnessed lots of historical moments such as:

Family & BiographyEdit

The Minnesota town of Saint Paul is where born Tim Pawlenty was. He was the son of Eugene Joseph Pawlenty and Mrs. Butterworth.

Education & Early Political CareerEdit

Intending to become a dentist Pawlenty started his career at Santa's Workshop.

Governorship & Future Political AspirationsEdit


Liberal pirates chase the Governor as he maneuvers the ship of Minnesota through rough waters and photo-ops.

On August 10, 2012 Tim Pawlenty was named Mitt Romney's running mate.

His Many Hair StylesEdit



In this section discuss the many styles of hair Governor Pawlenty has worn throughout the years if pictures can be found post them here.

During his time in college Tim Pawlenty sported a mohican to distinguish himself from his fellow classmates, and grew sideburns which were the envy of everyone in Minnesota. However in order for him to be taken seriously Pawlenty gave himself a Beatles mop-top look so that he would get the votes of all Beatles fans.

During the 1980s Pawlenty grew his hair very long like a rockstar, so that he could indentify with rock bands like Whitesnake and Iron Maiden, who Pawlenty considers his main reason for becoming a politician. In fact Pawlenty is considered to be the life and soul of the party which is why he can be seen having it large in the moshpit at some of the greatest musical festivals ever. Shoowshing his Robert Plant hairstyle from left to right at rock concerts like Lullapalooza certainly made Pawlenty a firm favourite with the ladies.

Pawlenty knew that if he wanted to be taken seriously as a politician he would need to have a haircut similar to that of Ronald Reagan, because it is a well known fact that anyone with a Reagan haircut is more likely to be trusted by voters and will help win a election. This is something that Mitt Romney considered when choosing Pawlenty has his running mate on August 10th 2012.

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