The Number 3

The Number "3". Three of them, in fact. Did I just blow your mind?

The Factinistas would have you believe this number is firmly situated between two and four. It feels like it should be somewhere around 16. Maybe 19. Or 108. Whatever the case, three never amounted to anything. There are three branches in the American government. What did that get us? A bunch of filibustering liberal Congressmen and activist judges. Wouldn't one branch be better? A big, sturdy trunk named George W. Bush.

Three TriviaEdit

  • There were three stooges, but if you count Shemp and Joe there were five. If you count Curly Joe there were six. Purists only count Moe and Curly. Take that, you Larry-loving commies.
  • A menage-a-trois is composed of three promiscuous people, usually French. Do you really want to get in bed with two smelly French people?
  • The Bible says Pi equals three.
  • There are three Stephen Colberts in his painting over the fireplace, which is the same as the parts of God, so Stephen Colbert = God.

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