The Greatest Vice President Ever has his own branch of government. So, it only makes sense that everyone else in government follow his lead and segregate all their duties into the most specific and exclusive compartment possible.

The Department of Justice is complying with Mr. Cheney's dictum by reviewing terrorism-related folks.

Originally, The Greatest Administration Ever declared that all persons captured and detained at Gitmo, shall be called terrorists (which is what they are). Then someone whined, activist judges got involved, and now they have to be called "enemy combatants". Whatever that means.

A few more rounds of "comfort the emo" and now they are called "suspects" or "detainees".

I mean, really. Come on people, we're at war! We don't have time to pussy-foot around with political correctness. asks you, the heroes to help these human rights huggers by coming up with the definitive name for "those guys being held at Gitmo".


  • America-haters
"Those Guys Being Held At Gitmo"
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