Thomas Friedman
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

September 24, 2007 NailingEdit


Author of The World is Flat

cares about the rest of the world

believes America doesn't have software, spices or brainpower

Bill Gates has never shilled for his book

SC's imagination is anemic


goes to cocktail parties just so he can talk about UPS

has a brown friend

UPS repairs Toshiba computers now

can blame Al Gore for inventing the internets that has made it easy for Al Qaeda to upload videos to The YouTube

India took 100 years to get rid of their Islamic terrorists

November 20, 2008 NailingEdit

  • book: "Hot, Flat and Crowded"
  • implication
    • population
    • environmental
  • the whole show was written by a guy in Bangalore
  • Stephen runs a body temperature, but not in Centegrade
  • Stephen prays
  • 1.3 billion emits an enormous amount of methane gas
  • next book "Hot, Flat, Crowded and Doomed
    • thinks it should be "Busted" instead
  • theory: China for a day
    • make a long-term plan for a green revolution
  • Stephen separates his trash and east Kashi cereal

 October 2014 NailingEdit

  • fall guy for the exposure of the United States public to repeated violations of Level 4 biosafety procedures

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