Hammer and sickle
"The Wizard of Oz"
is a movie that is Destroying America.

A 1939 movie based on the books of L. Frank Baum.

When the books were originally published, many Americans believed they were filled with socialist and unionist propaganda, even going so far as to claim Baum wanted to include a "silver"-brick road in a direct slam against the gold standard.

However, Dr. Stephen Colbert, discovered a more sinister underlying theme to the movie: the Gay Agenda!

NOTES FROM Threat down 1/23/2007Edit

Wizard of Oz

liberal subtext

innocent girl from the heartland

(played by Judy Garland, a gay icon)

drug-induced fantasy land where she was greeted by labor activists from the local guild

she kills local official and the becomes a fugitive

going on the run with

a labor unionist

an animal activist

and a tree hugger

who all happene to be great dancers

then they got so high on poppies they thought they were being attacked by flying monkeys

short walk from

no place like home to "it takes a village"


  • Real Americans on the crew often times hanged themselves in the background while filming to protest the blatant liber-homo agenda
  • the munchkins were forced to entertain the crew with pornographic orgies every day due to a clause in the liber-homo labor contract
  • the original "Horse of a Different Color" was covered in an aluminum-based paint that sent the beast to an iron lung to later be replaced by Buddy Ebsen.

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