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Barack Obama's expected 2008 cabinet

This Oscar-winning Skinemax Original documentary series is the most offensive since Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

Public OutrageEdit

Since the show's first episode in 2002, the American people have been astonished by HBO's Un-American anti-drug war propaganda. But no one could have predicted a show punctuated by such dispicable abuses of American (language) like ebonics and street drug slang could have made it through four seasons in the respectable world of premium cable television. Apparently the crass pigs at HBO have asked for one last season, let us hope the madness ends, and these rancid ideas are allowed to go back to the hell from whence they came.

Current EventsEdit

Re-runs will soon be seen on cable television's lame and clearly racist BET (Brash Ebonics Television) where they will make lots of money for the indigineous peoples of Africa.

In their August issue, Nick Hornby interviewed the creator of the series, David Simon, for eletist rag The Believer in a blantantly homosexual and alltogether British manner. Shameful.

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