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The Welfare State
is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.

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Al Franken
The Welfare State has earned

The Great State of Welfare
Capitol: Seattle, WA
State Flower: The Pansy
State Language: English
State Bird: The Canadian Goose
Governor Michael Moore
State Motto: Gimme Gimme
Nickname: add stuff here #5
State Anthem: Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
Population: 2,000,000 Americans and several thousand illegals
State Religion: Atheism
Fun Fact # 1: Government cheese causes constipation!
Fun Fact # 2: The more dependants you have, the more you receive!

This is the society for liberal elites and the lazy unAmerican blue state people. It is a society where only half of the people work, and those that do only do so for 30 hours a week, and still amazingly recieve 8 months paid vacation. Those who don't work recieve liberal bloodmoney from taxing those who choose to work, usauly at a rate of about 99% of what you would normaly earn. This is actualy a ploy by the bears and their lutheran allies to weaken the American economy by causing a lack of money avaliable to the upper class to invest in the economy, which would normaly trinkle down to the working people.

This system is used mainly by French people all over Europe, giving them more time to watch their pointless European movies, and burn American flags and Bibles.


The Welfare State was first discovered by the great president Ronald Regan. During his presidency Regan did very well in starving the Welfare State by cutting off thier goverrnment pork, but all his hard work was ultimately distroyed by the liberal left. Bill Clinton was elected and the Welfare State came back stronger than ever.


Welfare began in the 1930's to combat the the fictional "Great Depression", which was later twisted by FDR. He used this "event" to spread socialist propaganda across the country in the form of government handouts.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

The Welfare State has never officially been granted statehood, but several nonwelfare states have stated an interest in giving them statehood. The nonwelfare states have been suffering from giving away too much income to the Welfare State.

Welfare TodayEdit

Welfare LandmarksEdit

Famous WelfariansEdit

A Typical Month on WelfareEdit

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