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The Wasilla Hillbillies

Wasilla Hillbillies is a raucous sitcom created by FOX program director, Karl Rove.

It debuted November 4, 2008 and is expected to run for a very, very long time, with the theme song running the whole time.


A cross between "The Beverly Hillbillies", "The Partridge Family" and "The 700 Club", Wasilla Hillbillies is about a regular American family from Alaska who find themselves thrust into the national spotlight when the matriarch of the family, Sarah finds a magical "You betcha!" credit-card-moose, while out copter-hunting one day. Just as Sarah is ready to kill it, the moose gives her some advice on her hairstyle. Sarah decides to spare this fashion-forward moose and they travel around America shopping, giving unwanted beauty and spiritual makeovers and killing witches!


The Wasillas
  • Mama Sarah, the matriarch and leader of the family, played by:
  • Papa Todd, Mama Sarah's husband and champion snowmobile racer, played by:
  • Joe the plumber, local handyman and gadfly, played by:
  • Bristol, one of Mama Sarah's many children, played by:
  • Levi, Bristol's fiance, played by:
  • Grandpa, local hobo befriended by Mama Sarah during her first stop on her trip around America played by:
  • Piper Mama Sarah's precious and most favorite of her many, many children, played by:
  • You Betcha!, the magical credit-card-moose, voiced by:

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"The Wasilla Hillbillies"
The Wasilla Hillbillies has been rated WTF by the MPAA.

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