The UAE is a nation which was certainly not founded by Saudi Arabian Royalty, and is definetly not the place where they go to play away from the eyes of the religious extremist Saudi citizens.


File photo of A UAE Playboy at work.

UAE Misconceptions Edit

If you thought this about The UAE, you're wrong.

  • The UAE is the world's largest host to Illegal Arms Dealers. It actually has laws protecting these "people" from any sort of extradition to other countries.
  • The UAE routinely kidnaps children from countries such as Bangladesh to participate in their national sport and past time of the Ultra Wealthy, Camel Racing.
  • The UAE has the world's highest concentration of Children's kidnappings.
  • Children are starved so that they can move faster on the backs of Camels.
  • Michael Jackson did not move to The UAE to save children from sexual abuse and slavery 1st hand.
  • There is in fact a long and well documented history and practice of Child Sexual Abuse and Slavery in The UAE.
  • Bodyguards in The UAE routinely carry Automatic Weapons, such as The AK47.
  • Most of those living in The UAE are in the service industry which caters to the Ultra Wealthy Saudi population.
  • The Greatest President has many friends who live and play in The UAE, including Saudi Prince, "Prince Bandar", known also by the popular name "Bandar Bush".

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