The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
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The Rosenbergs were soviet commandos that sabotaged the Manhattan project and, in turn, put it behind schedule for two years. They were tried for communistic tendencies and executed with no real evidence proved. The court system was, in fact, corrupt as the attorneys, judge, witnesses, and even jury were soviet spies. They executed the Rosenbergs to cover up their own mistakes and point blame. Everyone forgot about the trial members and their communist actions due to the attention drawn to Julius and ethel Rosenberg, who were, in fact, gay. The whole trial was faked in uptown Leninville in the Soviet Union. It was aired in America, and had just as much impact as the Bush Administration. It turns out that while America was distracted by the trial, thousands of Red spies infiltrated the white house and stole documents containing plans for nuclear missile silos which were then built and initiated. The missiles were launched, but due to a mistake in coordination, the missiles impacted in upper Canada. This caused a permanent nuclear winter and also gave the war the name "The Cold War."


  • Juius and ethel were associated with the Democrat Party
  • Hitler was the judge of the trial
  • Ten Billion Dollars was payed to an innocent bystander to keep quiet. the young scarred child's name was Al Gore, and he still hasn't told the truth.
  • America Rules!

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