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The Suicide Pact of 08 as described by Pat Buchanan on MSNBC

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Suicide Pledge Edit

Sign Below

I pledge that in the event of

  1. Hillary receiving the Democrat nomination;
  2. McCain receiving the Republican nomination; and
  3. no third party candidate receiving the support of either the Moral Majority or Liberty University;

then I will use the pistol on the bed table to

  1. kill my dog (if any);
  2. kill my wife and boyfriend (if any);
  3. kill my children (if any); and
  4. kill myself;

and donate all my earthly belongings to a charity of Pat Buchanan's choice.


In light of McCains losing to Obama and Hillary becoming Secretary of State it is logical to assume that Buchanan recomends you make a half assed attempt at suicide i.e. slit only one wrist and do it with a rather dull blade and with a working phone near by.

Well don't just stand around!

Get cutting!

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