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Cover art for "The Storm" DVD, featuring Toby Keith.

From the creative team that brought you The Civilest War and The Baseball comes the latest chronicling of a uniquely American conceit: the ability to lift oneself up by the bootstraps of commerce to bravely face a world darkened by the cynicism of accountability.

Documenting the journey of four corporations that somehow managed to turn a profit in the face of an unprecedented opportunity, The Storm is a testament to privatization, Christianity and a completely unregulated free market.

The CatalystEdit

Two years after the city of New Orleans was flooded by Al Gore's global warming, the liberal media insisted everyone reflect on the disaster. What they found was that since the majority of the city's population had either died in the flooding or recovery efforts, there still remained a small percentage of people who had first-hand knowledge of those critical first five days and cared that little has changed since then.

Armed only with his agenda, Michael Medved and his crew set to reverse the numbers of Americans who remembered what really happened and still demand justice.

The PlayersEdit

The movie follows the CEOs of four American corporations as they struggle to transform a devastated city into a money-making venture:

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