The Spice Girls,
when you touch yourself you make The Baby Jesus sad!
Keep your hands where we can see them!

The Spice Girls
Were Uber Hotties but they have committed an act of Hottie Treason!
They have angered Stephen Colbert and made The Baby Jesus cry.
They are banished to Hell to be Martha Stewart's hand maidens.

The Spice Girls
have bad teeth and funny accents because they are British.

It really is the Spice Girls.

The Spice Girls (aka the House of Lords) were an attempt by the British government to reclaim America. The plan was conducted in the mid 1990s, when the Brits tried to implant their own into the "boy band" craze at the time. This plan failed tragically when it was realised that:

  1. The Spice Girls were, in fact, girls, and
  2. Posh Spice was actually married to David Beckham, a soccer player!

However, some of their songs still remain embedded in society, a namely example being "Wannabe," which has been shown to drive listeners to triple-murder suicides.

Scary-Blaek-Spice is currently with Eddie-bastard.

The Spice Girl Personality Assessment SurveyEdit

One of the Spice Girl's greatest legacies was in the field of psychology. All heterosexual men and lesbians can accurately be classified based on which Spice Girl they prefer.

Posh SpiceEdit

People who are attracted to Posh Spice include those who:

  • like assertive but surly women
  • like high-maintenance women
  • like brunettes

Famous examples:

Baby SpiceEdit

People who are attracted to Baby Spice include those who:

  • like young women
  • like blondes
  • enjoy pillow fights

Famous examples:

Scary SpiceEdit

People who are attracted to Scary Spice include those who:

  • like crazy or extremely aggressive women
  • like black women
  • have low self-esteem

Famous examples:

Ginger SpiceEdit

People who are attracted to Ginger Spice include those who:

  • like independent women
  • like plump women
  • like redheads

Famous examples:

Sporty SpiceEdit

People who are attracted to Sporty Spice include those who:

  • like horses
  • enjoy sports
  • have low expectations

Famous examples:

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