The Single Gunshot Theory is an attempt to explain what happened thirty years ago at The Copacabana, a hot spot north of Havana.

Two men, Rico and Tony were involved in an argument and fight over a dancer named Lola, which quickly escalated into violence.

At some point during the brawl, one of the two men produced a handgun and a shot was fired.

But just who shot who?

The Single Gunshot Theory postulates that both men were shot by the same bullet.

The theory is not without controversy. Opponents mockingly call it The Magic Bullet Theory, claiming that after being fired the shot would have had to have paused in mid-air, made a left turn, and then passed through Tony, flipped 180°, reversed course and then slipped 4 inches to the right to pass through Rico.

Neither theory proponents nor opponents have any idea who fired the gun.

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