This fine example of American values has become a legend in the American conciousness. It's dominance on the scene of conservative hairstyles has often been challenged, but never replaced. It's challengers are diverse, coming from every direction. The "Buster Brown", being it's most established competitor was crushed by "The Reagans" viscous charisma. Presently, the fashion world is debating whether "The Condi" will displace "The Reagan" as America's favorite do. But as all "hairstylists", or as we in The Nation refer to them "Barbers" know, "The Reagan" will never be replaced. At least not if Barbers have anything to say about it.


The "Buster Brown", from the "Pre-Reagan" era.


"The Condi", high fashion's equivalent to the number two.


"The Reagan", a haircut which truly requires no footnotes, or oil changes.

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