Palin FR

It's ok! It's satire!

The R Word (a hurtful word against Sarah Palin and one of her children)

  1. a word of such monumental obscenity, no one shall speak it, including politicians and comedians[1]
  2. okay, maybe not "no one," only other R-Word People like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh[2] has the right to say it, but most people shouldnt say it.
  3. Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh[3] earned the right to say the R-Word, it is not an offensive term if other R-Word People use it!


Sarah Palin is a Fucking Retard!
Retard = sometimes funny

The R-Word Vs The N-WordEdit

People can still say the word Retard, but not the N-Word, which is unfair!

The WordEdit

  1. unless it is used as satire by Rush Limbaugh, then it is Ok to say the R-Word
  2. the Republican Party and Michael Steele has just recently earned the right to use the R-Word among each other
  3. make that the Tea Party as well

External TubesEdit

"The R Word"
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