DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...
that The Prescott Group's logo has been certified PG for your child's safety and approved by the Stephen and Melinda Gates Foundation? Please, support our children and donate your tax dollars today.

The Prescott Group is the most all-American corporation dedicated to America and all her values.

The Prescott Group is dedicated to bringing the state of Canada back to the flock so that America can punish those Queen loving loyalists.

Investing in America is what The Prescott Group is all about.

We here at The Prescott Group spend countless hours researching and analyzing thousands of markets and industries to insure we are on the forefront of America's technological forefront.


As America's leading agri-pharma-petro-transpo-chemico-militaria-industrial corporation, Prescott is dedicated to ensuring Prescott's utter global dominance in world business while maintaining the profit margin of a bordello on World With No Women.


"We mean business."



Educating Americans about the benefits of recombinant bovine growth hormone.

Fighting Terrorists.

Maximizing medication side effects to provide new marketing opportunities.

I think they have bake sales sometimes.


The Prescott Group is invested in a building a brighter tomorrow, today! With diversified investments in over a number of fast-moving, trend-setting industries, you can be sure that The Prescott Group will remain a leader in cutting edge high tech virtual real people, human touch understands your needs of the future.

Current HoldingsEdit


Does The Prescott Group kick ass?
Does The Prescott Group endorse core American values like the right to bear arms?
You bet your ass we do.
Does the Prescott Group have any current job openings?
Submit two copies of your resume and physical proof that you have killed either one human baby or twenty small mammals.

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The Prescott Group
has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, The Prescott Group
The Prescott Group
is one of the Think Tanks that keep this country
on a straight and righteous path.

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