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Additional Notes:Edit

  • Only half of America's Planet have pledges guiding residents to proclaim their allegiance.
  • Please assist the states that lack a pledge listed below with pledge proposals.

Included in the list is Washington, D.C.. As we have learned from Dr. Colbert, D.C. is not part of America, but you can create a pledge for them too

  • Notes: By the way, whoever wrote some of the pledges on this page has noticeably falsified these pledges. I find it particularly rude. The topics that are covered on the rest of this page are discriminate, and I hope someone will take the time to fix it to it's true identity.
  • Notes note: This is teh Wikiality brah, you're not supposed to put the actual pledges down, that'd be BORING. Look up the truth in your gut and see for yourself.
  • It may help if you added something about the State or what they are commonly known for (See New York pledge and Texas Republic Pledge)

Alabama Pledge (2001)Edit

"Flag of Alabama I salute thee. To thee I pledge my allegiance, my service, and my life, as well as my two front teeth."

Alaska PledgeEdit

I pledge aligence to Alaska
And to all the nice Eskimos it may hold
too cold for which is old
to the president we shall honor

He is the president, we must show some respect

Arkansas Pledge (1953)Edit

"I Salute the Arkansas Flag With Its Diamond and Stars. We Pledge Our Loyalty to Thee."

Colorado Pledge: Edit

I pledge allegiance to the state of Colorado. A land of snow capped mountains, bright red mesas, and rushing white rivers. Let freedom and Pot flow freely.

Delaware songEdit

penis No pledge

Florida PledgeEdit

I pledge that I will never bring up the scientific truthiness that is global warming for fear of getting into some serious drugs.

Georgia Pledge (1935)Edit

I pledge allegiance to the georgia flag and the principles for which it stands for: wisdom, justice, and moderation. 

Hawaii PledgeEdit

I pledge Allegiance to Robin's Nest, to Higgins and Thomas Magnum, the greatest Private Investigator ever to roam America's Planet.

Idaho PledgeEdit

I pledge Alligence to the Great State of North Idaho (everything above the "Riggins-Dixon Line")  and the US Forest Service should leave and take all illegal Californians and Southern Idahoians with them! 

Illinois PledgeEdit


I pledge alligence to the band of Kansas,

Kentucky Pledge (2000)Edit

"I pledge allegiance to the Kentucky flag, and to the Sovereign State for which it stands, one Commonwealth, blessed with diversity, natural wealth, beauty, and grace from on High."

Louisiana Pledge (1999)Edit

original pledge text

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana and to the motto for which it stands: A state, under god, united in purpose and ideals, confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."

Maine PledgeEdit

Well bub I would pledge allegiance to the lobstah I got in this heah lobstah roll, but it's dead and I'm gonna eat it, so...I plege allegaince to the flatlanders who come up heah every summah and spend their money on touristy shit so I can continue to make less than ten bucks an houah. How's that for a fuckin' pledge they'ah bub? That's what I thought, yessah! 

Maryland PledgeEdit

Massachusetts PledgeEdit

Michigan Pledge (1972)Edit

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of Michigan, and to the state for which it stands, two beautiful peninsulas united by a bridge of steel, where equal opportunity and justice to all is our ideal."

Minnesota PledgeEdit

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Great state of Minnesota.

And in this world, where ‘er I roam, Minnesota will be my home.

Beautiful, tolerant, strong and free, Minnesota is part of me. and i love the ridicoulous cold

Mississippi Pledge (1972)Edit

"I salute the flag of Mississippi and the sovereign state for which it stands with pride in her history and achievements and with confidence in her future under the guidance of Almighty God."

Missouri Pledge Edit

The elementary school I attended from 1967-1969 followed the pledge to the flag with the following:

(The Pledge of Allegiance to the State of Missouri:)

I pledge allegiance also to the State of Missouri and to the ideals for which it stands. United with other states for the benefit of all, we march forward to a greater America.

The above pledge was composed by Louis Perry Eads. The ideals referred to in the pledge are Patriotism, Loyalty, Peace, and Faith in God.

Montana PledgeEdit

I pledge to honor the state of Montana, God's created land. With kindness, morality, and virtue towards one another. Proud to defend our values of kindness, and to lend a fair shake to anyone as long as they don't try to bite the hand that is helping them. May God continue to bless this land of Montana, and all good stewards that reside or visit here.

Nebraska PledgeEdit

We, the corn worshippers, pledge to be true to the corn stalks.

We will always be true to the fields of golden kernels, and our beloved Big Red NU Huskers.

And we, the people of Nebraska, pledge to always make you aware that we bust our butts to kick yours.

We pledge show all that we're not the hillbillies you think we are.


Nevada PledgeEdit

I pledge allegiance to Nevada, one state under the sky, one from the United States, under Heaven, one of the many indivisible.​​Edit

New Hampshire PledgeEdit

New Jersey PledgeEdit

I woke up this morning, got a blue moon in my eye
I broke my father's legs today, and I thought that he would cry.
I'm in sanitation, and every night I take out the trash.
You'll be sure to turn away, when I give you this wad of cash.

Liberty is our airport
Toxic is our air
Quit looking at my fat pasta gut
It's not polite to stare

This great state is sandwiched
Between Philly and the Apple
My family likes it in Atlantic City
Is that idea so hard to grapple?

May Gawd cut my tongue out, if I dare speak a lie - I will love Bruce Springsteen till the day I die.

New Mexico Pledge (1963)Edit

I salute the flag of the state of New Mexico. The zia symbol, of perfect friendship, among united cultures. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America.

New York PledgeEdit

North Carolina Pledge (2007)Edit

"I salute the flag of North Carolina and pledge to the Old North State love, loyalty, and faith."

North Dakota PledgeEdit

[Distant wind rustling]

Ohio Pledge (2002) Edit

I salute the flag of the state of Ohio and pledge to the Buckeye State respect and loyalty.

I pledge allegiance to Ohio where the buckeyes abound

Where was born Roy Rogers and Joe E Brown,

Where to his nose raised Danny Thomas his finger

And the Hungarian Hot Dog loved by Mash's Clinger.

All from Ohio, you rock, boys!

Oklahoma Pledge (1982)Edit

"I salute the flag of the State of Oklahoma. Its symbols of peace unite all people." Edit

Oregon PledgeEdit

I Pledge Allegiance,

to the the Flag of Oregon,

..and to the wide open spaces (and beavers),

..and the timber stands (erect, proud & upthrust)

..Forever & Ever..


Pennsylvania PledgeEdit

Rhode Island Pledge (1910)Edit

"I pledge allegiance to our State Flag, and to the Republic of which Rhode Island forms a part; one Union inseparable, with honor and reverence for both State and Nation."

South Carolina Pledge (1966) Edit

SECTION 1-1-670. Official pledge to State flag.

The pledge to the flag of South Carolina shall be as follows:

"I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith."

South Dakota Pledge (1987)Edit

"I pledge loyalty and support to the flag and State of South Dakota, land of sunshine, land of infinite variety."

Tennessee Pledge (1986)Edit

Three white stars on a field of blue,

G od keep them strong and ever true,

It is with love and pride that we,

S alute the flag of Tennessee,

Texas Pledge (1933, 1965; and 2007 when "under God" was added)Edit

Honor the Texas Flag;

I pledge allegiance to thee.

Texas, one state under God,

One and indivisible

Utah PledgeEdit

I honor the flag of my state and bow my head in reverence to the pioneers who were the founders of the state of Utah.

Vermont PledgeEdit

Virginia Pledge (1954) Edit

"I salute the flag of Virginia, with reverence and patriotic devotion to the ‘Mother of States and Statesmen,’ which it represents—the ‘Old Dominion,’ where liberty and independence were born."

Washington PledgeEdit

Washington D.C. PledgeEdit

West Virginia PledgeEdit

I pledge alligiance to the state, that not much really happens in except boring things that I enjoy and treat with absolute respect and hour our state for witch in the country  I vowe to love and respect


Wisconsin PledgeEdit

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the great state of Wisconsin

Where Green and Gold run through our blood

And cows outnumber people

To the badgers

whom we adore

and pray they win on saturday

Feel free too come smell our Dairy Air yo momma stink

Wyoming PledgeEdit

i pledge allegance to the flag of the usa and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under GOD, indivisible and liberty and justice for all

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