Hey, where the hell is
The Philippines???
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!
Hello, Kitty
Hello, The Philippines
Asian and very good at math.

The Philippines
Philippine flag
Capitol: Manila
Official Languages: Tagalog, English and TagLish
Leader: that short, hot Asian Momma, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Pres. Arroyo during a happy Press Conference in 2007 about children poverty and starvation.

National Anthem: Lupang Hinirang (which translates to "poor people from the slums, stop making babies")
Population: A whopping 91 million (christ almighty....)
Climate: crazy hot yo!
Principal imports: as far as sources go, the good ol' US of A baby, whoooo!
Principal exports: that skinny Asian fella on HBO who likes to beat the crap out of Mexicans
Principal industries: hemp, sugar, bamboo and nurses
Most famous for: Having millions of kids to go college to become doctors but only end up being nurses overseas. And also for the Yo-Yo, a popular toy that originated from the Philippines invented by the great MC Pedro.

the famous YO-YO originally developed as a stealth weapon for any horny guys to knock out hot chicks because the rape drug wasn't available yet.


A typical Filipino warrior equipped with a natural defense - an iron index finger that could pierce a skull if you make fun of Imelda Marcos' shoes.

One of the few countries in the world that is completely bear-free (except for its zoos). If you don't know where the country is located, look on your map, look at those group of islands right below Japan that kinda looks like a sitting dog (funny, because they like to eat them).

Stephen likes it because it is run by the people who ought to run it - the Roman Catholic Bishops.

Like typical Asians, they like to eat rice and fish. But unlike typical Asians, they look and sound Mexican because some of their natives had sex with white people from Spain. Although some of them still look very Asiany with monolids because of the amalgamation of Chinese people from Chinaland who immigrate into the country for those delicious plentiful seahorses the country's ocean provides for medicinal purposes and for garnishing their lo-mein.

The Philippines HistoryEdit

The peaceful brown race of Pinoys (pronounced as pee-noise, as they like to call themselves slang-wise) were invaded by those bastards from Spain and ruled them for 300 years. So those Euro bastards beat the crap out of them and forced their language and their culture into the archipelago until the Americans (whoo hoo!!) came and sent them back to Spainland. And then it was their turn to beat the crap out of the little brown people.

The Philippines TodayEdit

Still the same decrepit hellhole

The Philippines LandmarksEdit

Some remarkable landmarks that Filipino people could be proud of, as an example would be the famous White House rip-off Malacanang Palace and of course, that everlasting beauty that resembles a very perky lady boob Mayon Volcano.

Famous People From The PhilippinesEdit



The crazy shoe-lady, Imelda Marcos.

Philippine Entertainment In The PhilippinesEdit

The Philippines entertainment is Pretty Much soap Opras and GameShows

Richard "ValenTimes King" Gutierrez-- he'll rub you the right way

Philippine's Secret WMDEdit

This guy

A Typical Day In The PhilippinesEdit

The Philippines Daily Morning is Similiar to The English, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

anyone can edit this? wow.

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