Keep smiling and don't make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we're protecting you.
Bush flightsuit
The Pentagon
shows the proper respect America's Military deserves
Mushroom cloud
The Pentagon
is a Plutonium-Level
Member of the
Reward Program®
The Pentagon
Pentagon aerial view
Established: 1492
Headquarters of:
Built: By James Bond
Personnel: Don't like handing out "politically sensative information [1]

The Pentagon is a sacred place were America's Troops (another name for the Department of Defense) come together each day to develope ways to Pwn America's enemies even

The building essentially houses all the major branches:

  • Blackwater (special forces & interrogation units )
  • KBR (Chow hall)

As well as other out-of-date, less streamline branches such as the Army

Protecting AmericaEdit


The Pentagon protecting a Marine from snooping hippies.

The Pentagon protects America from all enemies, from without and especially from within. The Pentagon uses special relationships with Smith and Wesson to keep close tabs on those who would do skulls harm.

Hippies are high on the list, so the Pentagon takes great care to protect their soldiers, sailors and Marines from the filth of hippies.

Commander in Chief Obama has also ordered the Pentagon to open white people's mail.

Pentagon's Mutibillion Dollars Secret ProjectsEdit

Exclusive: Dragon Tank could be scrapped!

External TubesEdit

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