The Path to 11-7
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.

The correct title of this article is The Path to 11/7. The forward slash character is replaced with a dash character due to technical restrictions.


The chiling exposé that launched a new genre: the histori-docu-fictio-mentary.

The Path to 11/7: The "Macaca" Incident was the first installment of Stephen Colbert's new series of Histori-docu-fictio-mentaries.

In the histori-docu-fictio-mentary, footage from Republican hero George Allen's 2006 Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign against Democrat bear-hugger James Webb included fictional shots of a dark-skinned man whom liberals claim Allen referred to by the French racial epithet of "macaca" (literally meaning "my shit").


Why is this man smiling? Because George Allen is his Senator.

However, in this case, "macaca" wasn't an insult. The man Allen was referring to was wearing a nametag that cleary showed his name to be 'Macaca.' Was this a left wing conspiracy, attempting to trap Allen into uttering a reprehensible epithet? Or was the guy's name actually Macaca?


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