U R Here
The Pansy State
is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.

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Al Franken
The Pansy State has earned
Angelina jolie 032
Don't be too mean,
The Pansy State
is a registered Pussy.
WARNING: By choosing to visit
The Pansy State
you have contracted Teh Ghey!

Report to the closest authorized de-gayification church near you to begin ungayification immediately.

The Wuss State of PANSY
Copy (23) of usa
Capitol: Indianapolis, IN
State Flower: Pansy
Official Language: Little Bitch
State Bird: Titmouse
State Motto: Please don't hurt me!
Nickname: Pansy Land
Governor: Gary Herbert (more like Gay Pervert) and Jimmie Johnson (aka Jimmie Queerbait) who is queer with Jeff Gordon and actually in a 3-way with Gary Herbert.
State Anthem: Any Justin Bieber song
Population: Pansies
Standard MPH: 15 mph or less, with pillows taped to the moped and rider.
Principal imports: Mexicans, and Interior Designers
Principal exports: Canadians
Principal industries: Birch Bayh Federal Bldg and US Courthouse in Indianapolis, IN
Fun Fact # 1:

Even though New Jersey is the smallest pansy, its the most populated one. Well, now that Ohio is a pansy, Ohio is now the most populated one.

Fun Fact # 2: Out of all the pansies, Utah is the pansiest.
Fun Fact #3: The Pansy State brags about whatever they have.

A state made up of cowards/sissies/pussies, you decide, is where people are too much of cowards to do anything that is "considered" violent. They control gambling, because they are too much of a pussy to let people blow thier money on the casinos.Its also a state where people listenSource to a lot of gay crap , like pop and country, because they think rock and rap are not appropriate.

The Pansy state vs. California's separationEdit

Copy (14) of usa color-1-

Looking at California's seperation of the states, there is no Pansy Land. However, the Pansy State is made up of some parts of Mountain Land, Boredom Land, Cowboy Land, Hope Land, and even Satan Land. Also, the Pansy State has ALL of Waste Land! Seeing how the Pansy State has a part of Satan Land and none of God's Land, its quite possible that the official religion in the Pansy State could be Satanism.

Pansies beaten by tough peopleEdit

Utah - beaten by Colorado

Indiana - beaten by Illinois

Missouri - beaten by California

Tennessee - beaten by Kentucky

Ohio - beaten by Michigan

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