The Obama Diaries is a socialist recording book with discrete socialist entries arranged by Obama's egotistical and grandiose writing style. This book is considered to be a great discovery for the conservative movement; for far too long the libural media has ignored the dangers of the Obama Administration.

Some say that the Diary sounds too good to be true. Obama's private musings completely and perfectly matches up with the narrative that the right is trying to push about him. Almost as if the writer/reader can read Obama's mind completely with no bias whatsoever!

Narrative StyleEdit

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I've read a fair amount of this book, and I know he's not supposed to be a dumb guy, he's a great orator, but this writing is terrible.
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~ Stephen Colbert
on "The Obama Diaries". August 3, 2010

While it is true that Obama is a great orator with a very articulate vocabulary on his background, that is the envy of students and professors of English Majors, he is probably the worst writer in the history of mankind. I mean he sucks! His banal writing is terrible!


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This writing is terrible! The most banal turns of phrase … I thought this was supposed to be a post-racial America. Obama is making the most hideous, hackneyed racial stereotypes in here.
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~ Stephen Colbert
on "The Obama Diaries". August 3, 2010

After reading a segment that describes Michelle Obama eating baby-back ribs for every meal, we have come to a terrible conclusion: Obama is a racist. Not only that, he continues to propagate racial stereotypes on this post-racial era.

In another conclusion, not even Obama is aware that racism is over.

Joe Biden's Biary EntryEdit

We also learned that Joe Biden is a horny bastard and has an awful taste in women...

Other FactsEdit

Strangely there is no mention of Banshees on this book. We were promised Banshees but we were told that Banshees are racially insensitive against Scottish and Irish people Native Americans and it is a very offensive word.

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