The O'Reilly Factor

A spinoff of The Greatest TV Show - EVER! Bill O'Reilly created The O'Reilly Factor to pay homage to his hero, Stephen Colbert. O'Reilly takes a lot of ideas from Colbert. The desk O'Reilly uses is much similar to Colbert's The Eagle's Nest and his Talking Points memo was inspired by The Wørd. The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day was a rip-off from Colbert's the The Craziest F#?king Thing I've Ever Heard segment.

Colbert / O'Reilly Controversy Edit

Though he worshiped Stephen Colbert in an idolatrous and largely self-manufactured way, Bill O'Reilly fears and resents Our Glorious Stephen. Much of this love/hate relationship (purely heterosexual, of course) springs from the days in which O'Reilly trained in the arts of all things conservative under the rigorous mastery and unfailingly brutal tutelage of Dr. Stephen Colbert, D.F.A.. Shortly after completing his training, "Papa Bear" O'Reilly took offense at what he perceived as Dr. Colbert's withdrawal of affection, but what was in fact simply Professor Dr. Stephen's way of encouraging Papa Bear to leave The Eagle's Nest and fly out on his own wings.

Still reeling from this wound to his heart and his gut, O'Reilly started pre-production of The Factor. Bill O'Reilly has quietly and deviously ridden Stephen Colbert's Bangelorian crafted coat-tails ever since. O'Reilly has secretly vowed as well to outconserve Colbert at every turn and on every front. Thus, the epic battle for the truthiest truthiness of the airwaves continues to this very day. Only one show will ultimately come out on top: The Greatest TV Show - EVER! or The Second Greatest TV Show - EVER!.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Although Stephen Colbert acknowledges that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it is possible that The O'Reilly Factor sometimes flatters The Colbert Report just a tad too much.
  • Colbert liberated a microwave from the factor.

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