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God Touching Adam
"The Newest Deal"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.

The Newest Deal is the glorious realization of The Reagan Revolution that began in 1980 with the ascension of Ronald Reagan and fully blossomed under The Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush!

The Criminal New DealEdit

Main article: New Deal

Eisenhower's Promise: The Military Industrial ComplexEdit

Main article: The Military Industrial Complex

Controlling The Market With Milton FriedmanEdit

Main article: Milton Friedman

The Blessings Of Ronald ReaganEdit

Main article: America

The Federalist SocietyEdit


The Glorious Stages Of Growth!Edit



Breaking The Glass-SteagleEdit

The Future: What Else Is There?Edit

Defense Contracts: Peace Through ProfitEdit

Main articles: Blackwater & Halliburton

Ownership Society: Desocializing Private PropertyEdit

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