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The words "The Nation" normally refer to the United States of America, but the liberals have co-opted them and used these sacred words for the name of one of their filthy, filthy rags.
If you are a Real American, and was looking for The Real Nation, America, click here.

The Nation
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

The Nation is but one of the many tentacles of the propaganda monster that is liberalism. Founded in 1865, The Nation has long been the go-to smut peddler for liberals of every stripe.

The Post War of Northern Aggression YearsEdit

Propping Up Communism in Early 20th Century AmericaEdit

The Years of Shame: 1945-1958Edit

The Hippie EraEdit

More Years of Shame: 1980-1996Edit

Siding With TerroristsEdit


  • if you have a subscription to The Nation, the FBI can tell you when it's almost ready to run out

Celebrity/Communist ReportersEdit

See AlsoEdit

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