The N Word (shut your mouth[1])

  1. a word of such monumental obscenity, no one shall speak it
  2. okay, maybe not "no one," but most people shouldn't say it
  3. at least not in polite society
  4. or in every rap song

For example:

The N Word ParadoxEdit

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"The N word" has become so synonymous with the N word. Is saying "the N word" pretty much like saying the N word? Because, I would never say the N word, but I don't want somebody to think I'm saying the N word by saying "the N word".
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 28, 2007

The N-Word Vs The R-WordEdit

N-Word wins again, but someday the R-Word will become more offensive than the N-Word.


  1. But I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft

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