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The Mexican Border
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¡Cómo muy afortunado para tú, porque tú está aquí!


Congratulations Mexican Border! Edit

You have been chosen as the site for America's greatest landmark and largest building accomplishment ever!

The Prize Edit

Mexican Border

A color correct depiction of Mexico. The green represents Nafta money, the brown represents human waste. Filthy Mexicans!

Dubbed "The fence", this wonder of modern construction will be a 2000 mile long quadruple fence, complete with motes filled with fire-proof crocodiles, as well as a parallel road which will compete with the legendary route 66 for length bragging rights.

This eighth wonder of the world will serve dual purposes. It will keep you out of our country so that we can again turn inward to look for slave labor, or continue to outsource it to China and India, it's all Apple Pie to us, And it will provide much needed jobs for our wounded veterans, who will be back to patrol the area in their hoverchairs or advanced bionic limbs sometime in 2086.

Start walking.

Note to Mexicans who can actually read Edit



If your political leaders ever want us to tear down that fence, you'd best get to making new sombreros and female babies for the soon to be booming Mexican sex trade. Get in line Rush!

And to those who think the border guards are racists the jokes on you! [1]

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