…ARE FUNNY! Before TV, people would gather in a crowd and laugh at their antics. Although liberal cowards would have you feel bad about it, the One True Christian God (who makes everything for a reason) made them for our amusement. THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE!! Their offset facial features and peculiar mannerisms fill the humor shaped hole in our brains, which when filled registers on the surface as hardy, Gut-filled laughs, or “Belly-Laughs”.

People who have no Faith™ in God see the Mentally Challenged as “accidents” that therefore have to be “protected”. These heathens have totally suppressed their Gut and can’t see the face-slapping hilarity the specially challenged are.


It is a little known fact that Life Goes On was a sitcom

Dealing with Them Edit

If you have ever dealt with them, you know they themselves have a great sense of humor; this should be a clue to even the densest PC fascist that it is OK to laugh at them! And don’t be afraid to point and laugh, this will give them even greater self-esteem.

Retards are safer kept in cages with Mexicans.

Retards who aren’t funnyEdit

See full article here

These folks weren’t born Mentally Challenged and aren’t comical in appearance, but through bad associations or blatant disregard for the way things ought to be, they rebel against the Baby Jesus and Republicans to become the dread abomination: the Liberal. They are, in every sense of the word, Handicapped. But their behavior and radical views are far from funny.

Factoids Edit

  • The retarded do not rule the night
  • They don't run in packs
  • They're not as strong as apes
  • Do not lock eyes with one of the retarded, they may go into berserker mode where not even a bullet can bring them down
  • They're just like you and me
  • They all want cake or pudding
  • Their weapon of choice is screaming, hitting, biting, and pooping
  • Will it be a civil rights milestone when a retard is elected President? NO!!!

In Conclusion Edit

The Mentally Challenged
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Sloth stamp

Hero to the retarded

Wilford Brimley is the foremost expert on the retarded.

1] video

2] The Republican party bears great affection for most of the retarded and the retarded, in return, love the Republican party. If the Democratic Party had their way, all of the retarded would be put to death at birth. Thankfully the Right has tried to overturn the abomination that is Roe v. Wade.

Despite the wedge the Democratic Party has tried to drive between the retarded and President George W. Bush, his retarded base did not abandon him during the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections.

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