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The Mayflower Hotel is the oldest luxury hotel in Washington, D.C.. This 10 story, 4-star hotel is located on Connecticut Avenue, NW, just minutes from museums and other national landmarks, and only one late-night secret car trip from the White House.

The Mayflower offers a Concierge service to keep away those pesky spouses wondering when you might be coming home, and honestly, Laura, can a concierge service really compare to the Secret Service?

It also features two beautiful restaurants, but they aren't as good as the White House chefs and the guy who makes all those fancy desserts you like so much.

White House

The White House. Nice, huh?

Triple "A" gives the Mayflower 4 "diamonds", but most people don't think it's as nice as the White House, I mean, does it give tours? The White House gives tours--everyday--that's because the White House is way fancier than the Mayflower is.


An economy suite at the Mayflower Hotel

There is cable TV and newspapers and the internets in every room. They also got safe boxes like at the bank, where you can hide things from me (but don't forget I can get the CIA to go anywhere I want).

They also got a gym (which I can use cuz I'm the president). And golf courses and horse ridin' and sailin' (Daddy likes to sail, heh, heh, heh).

It's not that far, and just 'cause you don't like livin' with me and Condi no more, don't mean I can't come over any time I want.

Keep smiling and don't make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we're protecting you.

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