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The Magic Negro is an off (off off off) Broadway play put on in their spare time by the Radio City Rockettes. This magical, stunning, and slightly racist play is about blacks. Among the black crowd you shall see young Barack Hussein Obama who posses a secret ability to turn white people into black people. Then, just when you think that the plot is going to thicken, the lights turn on and all the Radio City Rockettes jump off the stage and attack Democrats in the crowd with forks.

Produced by: Rush Limbaugh

Directed by: Stephen Jr. The Eagle

Cast Edit

Barack Hussein Obama (The whitest Rockette)

Blacks (Rockettes)

Tom Cruise (One of the attackers)

Original PlotlineEdit

"The Magic Negro" was originally supposed to recreate the trials of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Magic Johnson's unending battle with HIV. Stephen Colbert was the first pick to direct and produce the play, however, he was unable to grasp the full concept because he suffers from race blindness. John Boehner was quickly able to fill the void, understanding the concept fully from his experience with the "No Child Left Behind Act."

GOP Loves The Magical Negro!!Edit

Chip Saltsman (the Real American political operative who has served as chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, senior political advisor to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and manager of Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign and who is running for RNC Chairmanship) loves it soooo much, that he bough a huge bulk of CDs and gave them to many of his republican friends as a Christmas present, he even sent some to his liberal frenemies[1]

If you love the CD as well as Chip Saltsman does, contact him to his RNC chairman campaign tubes and tell him that you love it!

Chip Saltsman RNC chairman campaign tubes

If for some reason the series of tubes gets you a hard time you can always contact the RNC and tell them how much you love the CDs and Chip Saltsman, the great man that gave us this wonderful Christmas gift this year!!

RNC tubes

Fox News Loves The Magical Negro too!!Edit

Fox Loves New Music!!!
(look at the bottom broadcast message)

See, Fox News has musical taste too!! And they love it!

External Magical Negros TubesEdit

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