The League Of Women Voters
is an essential part of the liberal plot to shred
the sacred fabric of American elections!
The League Of Women Voters
is a "Certified Group"
Just For Girls!"
Separate but equal is so hot!

The League Of Women Voters is a group of women who help the fairer sex bide their time on election day.


The League Of Women Voters was founded to give American women something to do on election night since they don't feel smart enough to actually vote in real elections, even if they had the right to.

Original ActivitiesEdit

Prior to the American Idol era, American women desired activities to consume their time on election night. Drinking absinthe and smoking opium only lasted so long, thus the League created local clubs that met for swapping cooking recipes, tupperware bowls and sewing patterns.

Other activities included:

  • recreating French postcards

Radical HIppie EraEdit

  • playing poker with coupons
  • bra-burning
  • braiding armpit hair
  • dressing like men and trying to vote

Modern ActivitiesEdit

Real American women still see no need to do men's work, like voting, and are satisfied by participating in the limited voting simulation offered by American Idol that has been Biblically proven to be an appropriate activity for the fragile female brain.

In addition to doubling her husband's (or father's) vote, modern American women do the following things on election day:

  • email cooking recipies
  • shop for Tupperware bowls on The eBay
  • design their own sewing patterns using that Barbie video game

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