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"The Keating Five Scandal"
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The Keating Five Scandal was a horrible example of liberal trickery and financial ruin. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times with a dabble of whoring around and double-dealing.

The scandal was named after Charles Keating, who was swept up in the wild and wooly liberal hay-days, but who was never implicated at all for any activities remotely related to the Senate or scandals.

Senators InvolvedEdit

  1. John Kerry
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Ted Kennedy
  4. Barack Hussein Obama[1]

Senators in no way involved that you have business asking aboutEdit

  1. John McCain[2]


The scandal began in the deepest, darkest of the days of the New Deal, started by FDR and the communists who populated his cabinet.

What HappenedEdit

What The Liberal Media Said HappenedEdit

Short-Term ImplicationsEdit

Long-Term ImplicationsEdit

  • There were no long-term implications for the activities surrounding Charles Keating or John McCain during this era. Now did anything bad happen to the American people as a result. What's more, the four other senators involved earned their free health care and comfortable retirement.


  1. Because we said so, goddamn it
  2. McCain didn't cheat, he helped Keating cheatEpisode #446

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