The Irish Plague
is too drunk to drive itself home...
must be Irish.

The accepted etymology of the word leprechaun, is that the word is the plural form of leperosy. Good luck spending that Pot'O Gold now Clancy.


Another Leprechaun

The Irish Plague is a phrase used to describe the disturbing influx of Irish Immigrants to America during the 1950's. These potatoe eating disease carriers, immigrated to the US in search of a new life where they could finally throw off the yolk of Welsh tyranny. Unfortunately, the pestulance which follows these filthy parlimentarians has become the primary action item for The Centers of Disease Control. They warn that if you see an Irishman, the best way to assure yourself of staying disease free is to incinerate them on sight. They have appointed Irish-catchers, who spend their days nailing Irish .


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