The Inbox
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.


The Inbox is where viewers of The Colbert Report can send emails, fulfilling Stephen's promise of the show being a two-way street and an exchange of ideas.


May 10, 2007Edit

  • Pete S. of Lansing, Michigan, had the audacity to call Stephen "Stephen". How dare he? All letters should be addressed to "Mr. Colbert" or "Dr. Colbert".
  • Dr. Jonas B., of Greenwich, CT, harmed Dr. Colbert by implying that he's not a real doctor, forgetting that Stephen has a doctorate from Knox College.
  • Former Mayor Rudy G., of New York, NY, asked who Stephen is endorsing for President.
  • Kevin T., from Bristol, VT, thought Stephen was confusing Beppo, God's chimpanzee, with Superman's chimpanzee Beppo. DO NOT QUESTION STEPHEN'S KNOWLEDGE OF SCRIPTURE! HE HAS READ THE ENTIRE LEFT BEHIND SERIES TWICE. If God has a lamb, nixo facto, there was also a chimp of God.
  • Rebecca R., of Beloit, WI, had a question about Stephen's answer to her question, which was prompted by her accidentally hitting the fast forward button on her TiVo and skipping past Stephen's answer to her question.

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